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ootp review!

I saw ottp ages ago but here's my late review anyways! XD I'm going to do one for deathly hallows too. x)

feel like a psyco, because for the past three days, I've been analysing the new hp movie that came out on tuesday at midnight! (technically wednesday....) I went at midnight showing! :dance:


And, I must admit, I really hated it as my first reaction. It was really funny, actually because as the credits roolled in, a guy at the back od the cinema yelled;" THAT MOVIE SUCKED!"

and everyone was like "yeah... It did, didn't it?" :lol: :XD: Hah!

But then I thought about it more... and the more I thought about it the more it became my favourite film yet (excluding azkaban, I must say...) ! The reason I didn't like it as a first impression, was because it was like all the scenes were just jumbled together and they didn't flow and had no structure. :O They spent to much time at the beginning, and it was probably 40 minutes into it before they got to umbridge, and then ANOTHER 40 minutes on umbridge's little tactics. Half the film was filled with umbridge, and by the time it came to the climax ( when harry has his first real vision,( as far as I'm concerned...) there was about an hour left, maybe less and more of the film should have been focused on the chapter "the eye of the snake" and onwards, because up to this point, the novel is very repiticious and the most exciting part is quidditch. which was left out. :paranoid:


I thought the dementor sceen could have been left out. Because no one really liked it. And it didn't really have a point to the plot, because umbridge never tells harry that she sent it after him! Or why she sent it after him! It was simply am excuse for special effect ( which could have been better in a longer and more exciting department of mysteries battle) and also to say that fudge didn't believe Voldeh was back ( something they could have mulled over in an easier and more fun way). I actually like the dudley demented scene, but then again, no howler! no petunia knowing the dementors! and no lupin retriving harry! AND MORE FREAKING FACIAL HAIR FOR REMUS!!!! :chainsaw:


The da meeting were FAB, but again, there was bit too much of it. When it came to the climatic parts, it was so rushed and made no sense... there was still heaps of umbridge which was un-called for, and there really should have been more of the occlumency scenes, because the plot line of voldemort taking his mind over and haunting his dreams in more important and interesting than Umbridge's tedious classes. Cho was good, I',m a big cho fan, they had new shooting of cedric and a photograph!!! :loved: Snape said he used veritaserum on cho... and the inquisitorial squad always was trying to catch people going into the room of requirement...they must have forced the information out of her, obviously! That;;s why she always looked so sad, because in the books, cho never would have told umbridge on her own accord- without cedric- they were one of the only things that kept her goin on... ( i missed madame puddifoots scene!)
... fred and george were fantabulous! I loved their escape, but I missed peeves. :(
and finally the DOM battle, sucked. Bellatrix didn't do much, and why on earth did they make her shoot sirius with the killing curse, and yet he stood suspended and saying good bye to harry! WTF the whole point of the veil is those who go through it, hide forever beneath the billwing curtain and never come back... and, it didn't make me cry. :( :( dan and oldman's hugs were perfect, they had a great connection... There wasn't that emptyness feeling at the end though... yaknow?anyways...


Special effects:

AMAZING! They were great. :) best yet. the graphics and lighting were gorgeous, i loved the first scene on the swing, beautiful!


WAS AMAZING. best acting in the potter films yet, i was amazed by gary oldman's performance. He was really great, even with the look in his eye's not quite risky or skruffy like sirius, but much better than last time! Rupert was much better, his hair was hot!! :drool: Dan was 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 times better than in previous movies, neville was great, just great! matt lewis is neville! He's my fangirl object!!! :loved: Gambon sucked... again. :eyeroll:.... And I have to say I didn;t like umbridge. The woman was a good actor, I agree, but she was not umbridge. She was condensed version of the queen in my opinion. :| She was not annoying, too sweet for too long, not to mention very pretty! They really needed to give a more evil, annoying and toadlike aspect to her character. I didn;t hate her she was kinda just "meh" :shrug

and finally... EVANNA!!!! She was great!!!! I loved her! She's very different from my luna but she rocked! her begginning scene was so funny! I wished they had mention crumple horned snorkacks, though... :/ her voice was great... her patronus should have been a crumple horned knorkack or a pegusus/unicorn though... :lol:

Snape's memeory~:

not enough snape! his memory was 3 second long and by far my favourite part in the movie, that was really moving, I felt. It keeps replaying in my mind, again and again and again... don't worry guys, though! There will be a memory scene on the dvd because in an early screen report, the scene happened and lily was there and remus and everyone else!


when michael gambon dies in the next film, I'll cheer, nuff said. They totally screwed up the prophecy and the ending talk just SUCKED. where was harry saying" Then I don't want to be human" at the top of his lungs? that would have been a great scene in the movie; I loved it when harry shouted "look at me" , dan's getting so much better at acting! :heart: they shouyld have made more use of kreature and include him in the subplot, in my opinion.


Kreature rocked!!! :lol: He was great! :) It would have been awesome if her had only worn the loincloth... GRAWP was SO funny! when he rung the little bell and he gave i to hermione! It was so cute, he was the cutest thing ever! and the centaurs were cool. :) no firenze, sadly. :( THE THESTRALS!!!!!!! :excited: Baby thestral was adorable; I love the thestrals, they were exactly how I imagined them! :)

Neville's backstory:

I didnt like how they mulled it over... it was verry ooc for neville to say " I'm proud to be thier son... I'm just not sure if I'm ready to show it yet." that's not the case, and never has been. neville was too shaken by devestation, neither ashamed nor proud, he doesn't know what to feel, because his parents don;t even know who he is .... and he's worried about what people would think. As chi;dren, people would think that was weakness, imagine how much he'd get teased about it, from people like draco... neville encountered the longbottom's torturing, by the way he acted towards moody's lesson in gof, and that haunt him. he has the "keeping myself locked up" problem. He has low self confidence, a big contribution of that coming from his gran's action by always comparing to his father, and this makes him even sadder about his parents, people don;t think he's good enough. The love Nevile has for his parents is stronger than anything we've seen thus far, for when he saw bellatrix come back, he got strong and suddenly he relizes that he is proud, because he now has faith in himself. He now has a purpose, to defeat bellatrix for doing those things to his parents. By showing his faith in himself and his love for his mangled parents, he will conquer Bellatrix then.

With the notion of not being as equal to his parents and not living up to them, He needs some pride in himself so he can act on being proud and brave, act on their behalf and act on kicking bellatrix's ass!!

neville's parents looked like monkeys! and his mom looked like tonks! not cool man. :| they really should have made the film, like, 15 minutes longer and put the st mungos scene in; seeing lockhart would have been hysterical. 8D

Death scene:

SUCKED. The veil was kinda cool, but meh, it wasn't sad at all, and it didn;t show harry's pain or even sadness... the possesion was.. not that great. I loved the flashbacks, but they took out the skript between tom and dumbly when they;re going on about how they're are other ways to destroy a man that death... "If death is nothing than kill the boy ( and you will have me killed too etc.) this was an important part in the series, and is really powerful, because it shows dumbledore's weaknesses and it didn;t do any justice in the film it's just kinda like... "why is he possesing him, what's the point?" :? i loved his eyes! that made dan so sexy but i always saw it where voldy had this snake this a around him and was wrapped around his body, it was voldemort and it was an illusion kind of... and this love burst out and destroyed the snake coiling around harry... ( corny, i know, but it looked awesome! :lol) department scene should have been longer... :|

Ginny was kick ass! with the reducto curse! hellyeah! :D ron/hermione hints were GREAT! :heart: they were amazing! so funny when grawp was going for hermy, and ron was like "you get away from her, you hear me?! :lol:

...but the harry/luna! :heart: I will never forget that hand holding scene.... :heart:

but overall, the film was fantasic! go see it! :excited:

(sorry for this huge rant, but I had to get it all out!)