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Hi! I'm new to lj, just trying to get around, you know... :) Hope I can meet lots of people. I love hp. :D just finished deathly hallows, gawd it was brilliant. Loved it, it made me cry... a lot. awww, snape. <3

I'm totally suffering in phpd. (post harry potter depression) help? I need some good harry/luna, draco/ginny  fanfics, that epiloge was horrible! D:)


the epilouge was badddddd. like geez, the luna/harryness in this book was so built up, then boom random harryginny ending. D: it just didn;t fit. ;_; I like albus severus and scorpius though. :P ahhhhh what was with the disgusting non-original names?! D: ah well ron and herm were cool anyways. X)
Thanks for adding me! :3
no problem! d/g forever!! :D